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Friday, September 28, 2012

A summary of Brentwood's representatoin in the House over this last session

Granite State Progress does a pretty good job summarizing how Mr. MacMahon voted (when he showed up) during the last legislative session.  If you're not convinced we need more progressive representation for this town, just read this list.  Then vote Ed Wojnowski for Brentwood in November - and George Manos for our new 3-town floterial district.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Our Non-Representative in Concord...

Libertarian Republican Bruce MacMahon was elected as Brentwood's State Representative in the fall of 2010, to much fanfare by the GOP.  In his pre-election debate with our candidate, incumbent Don Petterson, he was asked directly if he would really be able/willing to meet the commitments of the office and attend all the required meetings and votes as Don had done.  He assured those in attendance that he absolutely would. 

Let's see how that's turned out so far this year.......

Votes taken in the current session 1/4/12 through 3/29/12:    204
           Votes for which Bruce was present:                          71 or 35% of votes

Days on which voting was scheduled:                                 15
   Days where Bruce was present for all votes:                     3 or 20% of voting days

Check out the voting  details at:
Click [Search] on 2012 for NH House, then click on Bruce MacMahon under Representative.

Now, admittedly, it sounds like serving in Bill O'Brien's House isn't much fun (even for Republicans), but hey, it's part of the job!  We can talk about bad bills he has supported, but regardless of whether you agree with how he would likely have voted or not, the people of our town deserve better than being represented on only 1 of 3 votes (or 1 of 5 voting days) in this decisive and radical legislative session.  We need to elect a committed Democratic representative for our town this year!